What is Airlaid?
Air Laid products were developed to facilitate feminine and personal hygiene needs. The demand for a thin, highly absorbent, low-leakage product brought about the air laid design.

They are strong enough for industrial applications, absorbent enough for general purpose use, yet soft enough for personal care as a disposable wash cloth.

ACI recognized that this type of product gives industries an attractively priced solution that has characteristics unlike anything already available today. Our air laid wipers offer the feel and absorbency of cloth without the cost. These wipers deliver the ultimate in performance with solvents, thinners, detergents, oil, grease, water and more!

Airlaid Applications

Baby Wipes   Dry Wipes
Femenine hygiene   Food Packaging
Industrial Wipes   Table Cloths
Industrial Wipes  

Wet wipes



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