Our Company

ACI S.A. is an enterprise dedicated to the production of “airlaid”, which is a non-woven absorbent material, the principal raw material of which is celulose. It started operations at the beginning of 2001 and it is the only producer of Airlaid in Latinamerica.

The principal characteristics of this material are its high capacity of liquid absortion and its smoothness as well as its sanitary conditions. Adding to the above, other unique feautures that are unalterable by any other process, namely: Its resistance to dampness, resistance to cleaning solvent, large volume and great elasticity, thermosealed and can be engraved (embosed), etc.

Among others the folowing are “Airlaid” end products: disposable table napkins, disposable table cloths, material to control industrial averflows, hospital items, dentist bibs, hand and face towels, packaging material, engraved decorating wall paper, female absorvent daily protectors and pads, and food pads.

The future of this industry is promising in general in view of the characteristics of this process, such as:

  1. It is possible to obtain any specification with fibers and particles, provided the length of the fibers can be maintained within reasonable limits.
  2. Resistance and flexibility can be obtained both in mixtures of fibers and particles as well as in grammage.
  3. The technological level of all the equipments and ACI machinery is adequate for the programmed production level and similar to that existing mother plants in highly developed countries.

The plant´s production lines are DAN-WEB and M&J, both world leaders in this type of equipment.

The production capacity of the incorporated lines of around 4500 tons per year meets the present demand of our country and neighbouring countries, it being the only plant in Latin America.

The company´s ultimate expectations are to become suppliers of Mercosur inview of the reasonable equality existing between production and regional markets.

At present we are producing grammages from 55 up to 100 grms/m2 , and of 160 ctms. width.
We are developing some new technologies to increase grammages and improve quality. At present we are exporting to USA, Chile, Brazil and South Africa.

Quality of Management System

Airlaid Industrial Corporation S.A. has certified its quality control system according to requirements of IRAM ISO 9001 version 2000.
The system is described as “design, production marketing and dispatch of non-woven celulose pulp processed by Airlaid.
The quality control system implemented is based on a process aimed at increasing customers satisfaction.

Thus we enphasize:

  • Compliance of regulations
  • Valuable activities
  • The attainment of performance and efficiency results and constant improvement of processes
ISO 9001:2000
IRAM- RI 9000 - 620

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